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In the end of June this year, we visited the company HOLOEYE in Berlin. A lot of our chapter members are using the Spatial Light Modulators (SLMs) from HOLOEYE in the labs for their experiments.

At HOLOEYE we had the unique opportunity to have a look at their labs for quality control and calibration measurements. Furthermore, we had some interesting discussions with the engineers from HOLOEYE about the SLM-technology. To make our daily life with SLMs easier they even developed a Display SDK, which we will for sure use in the future. We highly appreciate this visit and the insights we got into the work of HOLOEYE.

As a great start into the weekend we had the unique possibility to visit a local company for infrared senors and cameras in Dresden at Friday, 20th of May. The senior director Prof. Hofmann welcomed us and introduced us to his colleagues Dr. Hoffmann, Dr. Wassilew, Dr. Köhler and Dr. Tempelhahn.

During the visit we had 3 different tours including the sensor manufacturing, camera calibration and lens design department. Overall, this was a very interesting afternoon for all students and we were able to see behind the curtain in industry.